RoadBrooks Pure Cadence and K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light. Both are very flexible and lightweight. I rotate the two but use K-Swiss for longer road runs as it has more cushion. Both have a neutral profile, so they're good if you're not excessively pronating either way.
K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light
Brooks PureCadence in Pink!

Trail: Brooks Cascadia 6 is definitely my shoe of choice. Great traction, yet responsive and lets me keep my toenails! :) They are now out with the 7 series, but I haven't tried those.

For anything under 2 hours, I will run with a 20oz handheld from Amphipod. So easy to get used to and I don't even notice I am holding it. It just stays on my hand. Suggestion - if you're running with 1 bottle, alternate left/right hand to avoid issues with gait imbalance.
Longer runs demand more fluids and more stuff, since I am not known for packing light. My Camelbak Octane 18X is awesome because it fits a 100oz bladder. It is pretty lightweight and we have a great relationship. However, it shifts around a bit and can get a little annoying. I got it on sale at REI - half of retail price is about justifiable. Shop around.

I have heard people rave about the Nathan Intensity Race Vest because it is made for women and thus it sits better on a female torso. I am now one of those people.
It holds a slightly smaller 64oz hydration bladder, which is still good enough for quite a few hours. I like the pockets in the front and the general feel of this pack. I wore this for my first 50+ mile race and it worked wonders. It stayed in place and I barely noticed it was there. Perfect amount of space in pockets for phone/gels/food etc.

MuscleAid Tape (Kinesio Tape)
I used to be skeptical. I also used to use KT Tape which I heard great things about but it never worked for me. Once I started sweating, it fell right off. MuscleAid Tape is amazing. There is a noticeable difference in how my knee feels when I run - specifically, there is no pain and my recovery is faster if I leave it on post-run. This tape survives about 4-5 days on, with multiple showers per day. Seriously impressive! 


Compression socks are so fashionable, how could you live without them? Ok, maybe not. Either way, I love them and have been known to sleep in them. I currently love Zensah compression sleeves and CEP compression socks. I can run well in the Zensah sleeves, but the CEPs are too tight and restrictive for running. They are, however, excellent for recovery and I love them dearly.
CEP socks
Zensah sleeves

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