Saturday, July 7, 2012

Running like a lady(?)

Why would I ever want to run in a skirt? Much less actually spend $$ on buying a skirt made for running? As it turns out, it's an investment that pays dividends in units of fun - like little bundles of joy.

I guess my thinking that running skirts were silly anyway came from my lack of positive experiences. I mean, no company seemed to want to make one that fit me or my list of specifications (gel pockets, no riding up, not too loose but not too tight, not too short but not too long, not too simple or know, reasonable expectations). I was so far away from finding fun and functional, I almost gave up.

And then I walked into Lululemon. Yes, I do that a lot but this time was different because I found this.
It's not called "Nothing to Hide Mini" for nothing.
And no, that is not my behind.
I saw it, tried it, fell in love and took it out for a 2hr run the very next day. And today, we (skirt and I, along with a few of other friends) hit the trails for 20ish miles. I kid you not, I felt like a small child who just discovered how to make snow angels. Both times.

In fact I was having so much fun that after I drove home from the trail, I parked my car and took off yet again. In my dirty trail shoes and all. Good times. (Okay, that way either the skirt or my desire to get an iced coffee faster. Probably both.)

There is something extremely liberating about running in a skirt - yes there are shorts underneath, but still it's not at all the same as running in shorts. Maybe it's more ladylike. If being a lady means running a lot and getting really dirty, sure. Either way, it is cute, comfy and this one has not one, not two but three pockets. Bingo.

So when will the boys catch on? Oh, wait, they may already have...

Barefoot Jason testin' it out

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