Saturday, December 22, 2012

Running in the dark

Ok, so I think we can now conclude that the world did not end yesterday. I wonder if the Mayans knew how much some people would freak out merely because they got bored of making a calendar.

Anyway, cautious as I am, I decided to get one last amazing run in the night prior to the 21st. If for nothing else, to fine-tune my running-away-from-zombies skills. To be honest, with all the fun I had on the bike that morning, I wasn't even planning on running...but an invitation to an evening run on my favorite trail was simply too good to pass up.

I love to run in the dark and yet I don't tend to do it much. Being a girl and all, apparently it's not wise to hit the trails (or Venice beach for that matter) after hours. Makes sense...yet I want to rebel.

Nevertheless, I need to do more night trail running. Not just because it is a good idea to practice safe stepping when you otherwise can't see much and because that's where my 100k race experience became less happy, but because it's simply magical. And then someone asked me why... so here it is.

-> It's you (plus the people you're with), the trail and the light of a headlamp. That's it. Turning off the headlamp elevates it to a whole new experience but if you lack coordination like I do, it may not be wise. But it gives you an incredible sense of peace and lets you pretend and really feel like nothing else exists. Views of the night sky and lights of the city can be incredibly picturesque but they only add to the sense of peace and appreciation of the moment.

-> Hills? What hills? Exactly. Running uphill is so much easier in the dark. Since you can't see that far ahead, your mind can't meddle with your sense of effort. If you don't see the climb, your mind doesn't register it. If your mind is at ease, your body will be too.  Plain and simple and yet really amazing. It's the incline deception.

Cheers to more night trail it dark yet?!

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