Sunday, March 17, 2013

My 4-mile marathon - LA Marathon 2013

What an amazing day. As depressed as I was about not being able to run 26.2 miles in LA this March, today goes down in history for a lot of firsts.

Today I got to:

- Act like a security guard at the corrals and spot sneaky runners trying to get in corrals they were not supposed to. If you were nice, I let you through - but if you gave me attitude? Back of the line.

- Empathize with drivers trying to navigate away from Dodger Stadium amid endless road closures. It was an adventure.

- Ride an official race motorcycle to my cheering spot (mile 23) on the course from the finish (where my parking spot was too good to give up so I refused to do so). Cones? Road closures? Oh please. They don't exist for this mode of transport!

- Spectate a marathon!!! It dawned on me that I have never been a true marathon spectator. If there was a marathon where I was, I ran it. Except for one time way back when I waited at the finish for 2 friends of mine, but that's not the same.

Spectating is fun (but tiring) stuff. I was pacing up and down as my Roadrunner group was coming through, running a little with each of them to make sure they knew to kick a** on those last few miles. Then, miraculously, I was able to run/walk the last few miles with an amazing runner from my group, Bre. I am so proud of your finish girl! In fact, I am so proud of all of the LA Roadrunners. I'm already counting down to next season.

So, I ran about 4 miles in total and crossed the finish line like it's no biggie. I am thankful for making the mature decision not to run the entire race (there is no way the knee would have help up, anyway) and even more thankful for my legs holding together with minimal pain as I ran that last bit of the course.

It was a beautiful day, Los Angeles.

Elite ladies starting. Winner was Aleksandra Duliba (BLR) with 2:26

Elite men at the start. Winner: Eric Mose with 2:09

Mile 25!!!

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