Monday, May 14, 2012

Running with my eyes wide open

I love the ability of music to get me into the zone and "get lost" in my run. Okay, sometimes I do literally get lost...but let's not get into that right now. Let's also not talk about how I have actually missed a 10k race before because I -smartly, trying to get more miles in- chose to run from home to the start line...only to get very lost in the process.

Aaanyway, I was reminded on Sunday of how amazing it is to open up to the world when you run. Not just because you notice a whole lot of stuff you might otherwise speed on by, but also because there are so many opportunities to interact with other runners.

My message to all the guys...
 being passed by female runners
One interaction is passing slower runners...or smiling at how some obviously pick up the pace when approached from behind. Oh, apparently many guys don't like being passed by girls - especially girls in pink. Again, another story.

Ok, back to my Sunday. I was on the last mile of my 10 miler for the day and was cruising at a moderate pace...when this lady with a very bouncy stride passed swiftly by. Ok, I was a little annoyed...but she didn't carry a water bottle, nor a Garmin so clearly she must not have been out for more than a few miles...meaning it's okay that she was faster. So I didn't really care much and kept running along. Until, a few minutes later, I caught up to her. Maybe I speeded up a tiny bit or she slowed down. Or both.
Either way, I was about to pass her this time. As I came up next to her she glanced over and said  "It's okay, I don't mind if you pass me". Well, lady, it's not like I was going to ask, but good to know.

I smiled and somehow we started chatting, all the while we both kept picking up the pace. We ran together for about a mile, carrying on a very random but interesting conversation about races, triathlons and local clubs. And you know what? That last mile was my fastest and most fun mile of the day.

I rarely start random conversations with other runners while I'm in the midst of it all...but maybe I'm really missing out - in more ways than one. Perhaps it's okay to talk to strangers, after all. ;)

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