Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busting out some new tunes

I admire people who never listen to music while running. It's amazing how relaxing the experience can be without musical distractions. However, though there are certainly times I crave to bust out a run without it, my Shuffle has been faithful company on short and long runs alike. 

Some special magic happens at the birth of a new playlist. It's much like getting a new and exciting toy as a want to immediately go play with it. Well, at least I can hardly contain myself. Or maybe that's just me...

Less runner friendly...
Remember these?
So thankful for new technology...
My new playlist? There's no real science behind specific, pace-targeted beats-per-minute to drive my selection of songs. I had my fling with but it just didn't work for me. I'm still not sure how Coldplay's "Yellow" is best for a 7:36 min/mile, while the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" is best for a 12:00min/mile. My brain-leg connection must just be out of whack.

t don't necessarily listen to songs in a strict order, because I like the unpredictability of mixing things up a little. Like when "Walking on Sunshine" comes on when you're running through a torrential downpour (as was the case during the monsoon otherwise knows as the 2011 LA Marathon).

On that note, I wanted to share my most recent bucket of fun running songs. It's a mix of old tunes and a handful of new songs that make me smile. It's one of my most energetic mixes so far and I've been super happy with it. It's random. Perhaps even quirky. But it's fun. It's made for running ;)


  1. This song came up in the shuffle on my last run - made me think of you! ;)

  2. Oh wow I have not listened to HIM in SO long!!! Extreme nostalgia. Thank you! :)