Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer. Love. Yoga...and my non-running streak

Over the past few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time on my yoga mat and absolutely no time in my running shoes. There are two reasons for this.

ONE: In a way, I am training for my upcoming 200 hour power yoga teacher training. A good friend introduced me to YogaGlo a while back, and so I am experimenting with more on-the-mat time at home, in addition to my usual studio classes. With all the online classes, I feel like a kid in a candy store each time I log on. I want to do all of them because let's face it, yoga is (or can be) a lot of sweaty fun. Yesterday it was Vinyasa flow with Jo, this morning was made brighter practicing Ashtanga with Jodi.

TWO: I know it's already national ice cream month (because we all need more encouragement to eat ice cream, clearly). However, I'm also calling July my own "respect your injuries" month. As such, I am not running all month. It's my non-running streak, which, I might add, is a lot harder than a month-long running streak would be. No test runs, as those have backfired so many times (and for every proverbial step forward I've been taking one or two steps back).

I'm hiding my shoes in the closet.

I'm signed up for the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 25. Whether this is going to happen or not is unclear and will be decided once I put my shoes back on August 1st... And then I'll start tapering. (Not!)

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  1. Oh I hope you come up to Santa Rosa at least, I'm running the marathon and would love to see you there!! ~Meg