Sunday, August 4, 2013

The treadmill experiment

It's actually been a fabulous few weeks, despite the quietness in the running department. I had been planning to ceremonially end my 30-day non-running streak on August 1st, but realized that to really make it 30 days, I'd have to wait till the 2nd. Of course, I respect technicalities.

So, on Friday (8/2), I put on some really bright running gear so in case this treadmill experiment turns into a disaster, I'll at least look happy. I ran ONE mile with mild discomfort (but no real pain), walked a bit and ran a little while longer on an incline. Running uphill made the discomfort go away. Quandary.
Mandatory selfie.
My shoes were even brighter.
Apparently,  running uphill is good for me. Yeah, I knew that.

The good news: I held my usual pace, didn't get tired and felt pretty effortless...meaning that my cross-training-only regime is doing something besides leaving my triple-As (abs, arms and a**) constantly sore.

The not-so-good news: I won't be running the Santa Rosa Marathon in 3 weeks. Which means I have an entry into an otherwise sold-out race up for grabs...(contact me if you're interested) Instead, I'll be going to Vegas. It's the natural alternative to a marathon and there are some really nice hotel gyms.

Also, I am going to be smart and get 100% ready for the LA Roadrunner season which starts in just over a month. I will be Pace Leading the same group as in the previous years and I am so freakin' excited to see everyone again. Plus I have some race plans for the rest of the year, which involve at least 1 marathon and a half in Angkor Wat (which is really rad).

Conclusion: I am self-prescribing no more than 2x/week of easy running for the next month, with my continued SPX / power yoga practice 6 days a week. Ironically, my power yoga teacher training and LA Roadrunner season start the same weekend, followed by grad school starting again a few weeks after, which just means I have become a master at overcommitting but that's ok, I like it that way.

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