Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh, injuries

I know that as a long distance runner of sorts, staying injury free my whole 'career' (meaning adult life) is as probable as snowfall in Southern California. Mind you, it happens to a select few...but just as I didn't bust out a Boston Qualifier on my first marathon, it it not the sort of miracle that happens to me. And I'm okay with that.

As you probably predicted, I'm off my feet again. I've even started taking the elevator instead of taking stairs on the way down (upstairs is OK). Yeah, *gasp* moment.
Frankly, this time of not running / running with pain would have been much shorter, had I respected a developing injury early on, took my own advice and taken a proper time for recovery at that time. That includes NOT running marathons like I did last weekend (yet I do not regret running SLO).

Now that I've dragged it on, doctors are telling me all sorts of things I do not want to hear. Not unusual. The good news is, I am resting, working up crazy nutritional therapies AND my knee feels pretty good right now.
Unlike all prior times, I am not rushing to lace up my shoes, but making sure stuff (my knee) heals - properly.
I want to be that awesome 90 year-old lady running marathons or even ultras. 
I think I can rock gray hair with colorful compression gear.

Ok, so here is what I am doing to heal my knee and stay sane...

1. NOT going into panic mode.

2. Treating this as a bump in the road and will make me stronger in the long run (pun intended).

3. Staying active in other ways - swimming and biking are currently out of the picture.
What works: hot yoga, working on core strength, non-weight bearing leg strengthening and free weights...oh and bring on the hula hoop!!!

4. Eating well. Good quality protein sources, lots of fruits and veggies and limiting empty calories. More antioxidants = less inflammation, in a nutshell.

5. Supplementing. I'm my own guinea pig at the moment but it seems to be working.

My *top secret* regimen includes: Calcium + Vitamin D (bone healing) ; Omega-3s (anti-inflammatory); Wobenzym N (anti-inflammatory); Arnica 200c (homeopathic wonder) and Traumeel gel (topically). If this all works (and it seems to be working), there will be a more extensive post on each of these and how to take them.

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