Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Basic Salad How-To Guide

For once, I am not going to talk about running but my other quasi-obession: food. Well, being a nutrition student much of my time tends to revolve around thinking, talking or learning about food so that's no surprise. I am no culinary genius and I don't like recipes. They are very restrictive and I am always missing at least one crucial ingredient. Nevertheless, I felt the need to share the method behind my random salad creations, such as the one I made for dinner tonight. I wanted something quick, easy, fresh and nutrient-dense. So I power-walked a few loops around the produce section and this is what happened:

How-to guide to random but delicious salad making:

Choose your base -> I chose mixed greens but there is also spinach, kale, chopped romaine etc
Choose your veg (3) -> I chose cucumber, tomato, red pepper (but was tempted to add radishes)
Add some fruit (why not?) -> I love apples, pears or berries in a salad
Choose your protein -> If you're vegetarian go with crumbled tempeh, tofu cubes, beans or else try lean meats like turkey or chicken pieces
Choose your dressing -> Avocado and lemon juice mash into am amazing "dressing" and bring out flavors
Add some nuts -> I picked walnuts but almonds and cashews also make great additions

Optional: add some quinoa or brown rice. And/or some fresh basil. Mmm.

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